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About us

SZ Redlac Limited is a B2B sourcing and trading company which, with many years of experience, has developed different branches of activity: smartphone and computer accessories, electronics, promotional products, textiles and so on…

Registered in Hong Kong with a representative office in Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, which is a major economic pole in China, we benefit from a strategic geographical location. Since 2008, we help all types of companies, from Limited companies to Multinationals, with their purchases in China.

Our mission : Find the products corresponding to your needs at the best price, while insuring a thorough quality control and a serious follow up of the logistic process until your goods reach their destination.

Our guarantees : Thanks to our solid network of suppliers in China and to the important volumes of goods we deal with every year, we can now offer a wide range of products at attractive prices. Regarding the quality of products, we exclusively work with the AQL sampling method in order to perform a constant and satisfactory quality control. The usually high standards imposed by our current customers made us gain a serious reputation in this domain of activity.

Working with China

China is a land full of opportunities. You will find everything you are looking for in this dynamic and constantly developing market, from the simplest to the most original products. Being used to deal with large quantity orders and produce customized goods, chinese suppliers will satisfy your needs at competitive prices.

China is also a complex country that can reserve lots of surprises.
From traditional to modern China, understanding the subtility of chinese culture is a complex matter that will discourage more than one newcomer.

Communication, which is one of the most important keys of success in a partnership with a Chinese supplier, can also become one of its biggest hurdle. In addition to the language barrier, some major differences in the ways business are operated can easily create communication problems. Westerners will probably, for example, choose confrontation in order to solve problems, when Chinese in the meantime may opt to go around them.

Misunderstandings are numerous between chinese and foreigners and will lead to delays and other production problems. This is why knowing and understanding the chinese ways and customs can save you a lot of time, and benefit quality and competitivity.

Communicating in your language is also a sign of commitment...

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Hong Kong